Orpheum, NYC Minetta Lane, NYC Royal George, Chicago
The Peculiar Patriot
Betsy LaQuanda Ross is a self-proclaimed “Peculiar Patriot,” who makes regular visits to penitentiaries in order to boost the morale of her loved ones. When she is not sharing neighborhood updates and gossip, Betsy illuminates our country’s cruel and unjust criminal justice system and its impact not only on the 2.3 million people behind bars, but also their family and friends. Written and performed by the inimitable Liza Jessie Peterson and inspired by her decades-long work with prison populations including on the notorious Riker’s Island, The Peculiar Patriot is a fierce, funny, and shrewd indictment of the systemic inequity within America’s fastest growing industry, tracing its roots from the plantation to the prison yard.

NOTE: Upon arrival, guests must secure all phones, smart watches, etc., in a lockable YONDR pouch that will remain in their possession throughout the performance. To learn more, visit YONDR online at https://www.overyondr.com
Thursday, March 5 @ 7PM
Friday, March 6 @ 7PM
Saturday, March 7 @ 7PM

Regular $35-45
Premium $60
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